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Good Libations!

Good Libations - Cortes Island!
    The wine
       you want,
         the way
           you want it!

   On premises ...
      . wine & beer making
        . over 100 wines
          . 13 types of beer
           . ciders & coolers
            . your own fruit wines
              . many of our own
                  unique specialties!

Good Libations!

"Good Libations" means that no one should have to consume a product they donít enjoy.
If you receive anything from us that is not to your liking, please just bring it back.
Youíll receive an immediate refund (or exchange if you prefer) along with a smile.

All for your pleasure, our offerings include:

Red & White wines Red & White Wines
Dessert & Specialty Wines Dessert & Specialty Wines
Seasonal Wines Seasonal Wines
Ciders & Coolers Ciders
Wine from your OWN fruit! Wine from your OWN fruit!
Organic Wines? Organic Wines?
Cheers! Beer
Cheers! Say "Cheers" in 60 Languages!

We are located at the old seafood plant on Hansen Road.
Our business hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Friday and Saturday afternoons from noon to 5:30.

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[email protected]